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Thank You! to All Those Wonderful Volunteers! 

Muir Valley would not be the fantastic place it is today with the blood, sweat, and tears put forth by countless volunteers through the years. These folks helped to build trails, harden climbing bases, construct bridges, erect gabbion walls, build restrooms, and all kinds of other dirty, strenuous chores. These volunteers mostly came in groups—many from colleges and universities. Some college groups, such as the Outdoor Club from Purdue return year after year to tackle construction projects

Warren Wilson College.jpeg

Warren Wilson College—one of the college groups that has come back year after year to volunteer at Muir.


Lafayette High School in Lexington Kentucky. A great bunch of kids who gave of their time and labor.


Proud members of the Calvin College team of volunteers on their just-complete staircase on a steep section of the South Trail


Calvin College Volunteers, back again year after year. Love these kids!


A particularly powerful flash flood moved the bank here back nine feet! They don't call 'em "gully washers" for nothing. Who you gonna call?... The Purdue University Outing Club!


Purdue's Outing Club to the rescue. Led by Muir's master volunteers—Roger VanDamme and Paul Shelenbarger—take on a huge project lining the creek with stone-filled gabbion baskets to prevent further erosion.


The Purdue Outing Club show off the product of an amazing amount of labor, having built this wall in a single day! Leader, Roger VanDamme is in yellow.


Partially completed staircase built by Purdue Outing Club volunteers.


Another staircase built by Purdue Outing Club volunteers.


It's hard to find enough words to sufficiently thank all of the volunteer groups who gave of their time and labors through the years. You have established yourselves as finest examples of volunteerism. And, the owners of Muir Valley will never forget what you've done here. Thank you.

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