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If you are planning your first trip to Muir Valley, you must go to their website where you will find a set of Warnings, Rules & Guidelines and an on-line Waiver that you must sign before visiting. Click Here.

Choose a Muir Valley Climb Under the Menu Item "Route Guide" Above.

The text and illustrations for this on-line guide to all the climbs in Muir Valley were taken from the Muir Valley Pocket Guide book published in 2015. It was designed, written, and illustrated by Rick Weber with the purpose of providing rock climbing visitors of Muir Valley a compact, easy-to-use, comprehensive guidebook that detailed all the climbs in the Valley. After selling 5000 copies—with all proceeds going to Friends of Muir Valley—it is now out of print. But the good news is that you can access it (for free!) here on this website. With the advent of the smart phone and better cell coverage now in Muir Valley, this information is at your fingertips on your phone while climbing here. Just click the sub-menus under the main menu item "Route Guide" to continue...

The pocket guide with Bev Wolf on the cover and a seal received for being awarded Runner-up for the 2015 National Outdoor Book Award.

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