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 A Look at Some of the Spectacular
Rock Climbing Routes of Muir Valley

Photos of a few of Muir Valley's breathtaking rock climbing routes.


World renown Solarium and Great Arch (far right). 


John May, a local Wolfe County resident and founding father of the nationally acclaimed Wolfe County Search and Rescue Team. Here, he is tackling the sport route "Machete" on the Sunnyside Wall.


Rick Weber flailing away on "Plate Tectonics" on the Tectonic Wall. An odd quirk of erosion over millennia created a plethora of undercut plates that provide great holds on this popular, slightly overhung wall.  


About once every three years, the picturesque waterfall at the back of the hollow that houses the Bruise Brothers and Sunnyside walls, will grow a multi-tiered, spectacular column of ice that ice climbers have plied their skills on.

Greg Powell full page.png

Greg Powell moving through an easy section o Gaaluniati 5.12b at the Solarium. Photo by Michael Kirkendall.

Hannah Fitch.png

Hannah Fitch on the insanely overhung Air Ride Equipped (5.11a). Photo by Michael Kirkendall.

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