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A video, produced for the Friends of Muir Valley organization, touching on the history of Muir Valley from its beginning to present day

Film Produced by
Wilkenson Visual

Film Production Crew
Mike Wilkenson,  Elanor Shelton,  Justin Skeens,
Brandon Cooper,  Jen Meunier,  Biz Young


Archive Images for the Film Courtesy of:
Jared Hancock,  Karla Hancock,
Tim Yates,  Jim Thornburg


Special Thanks To:
Paul Shellabarger,  Cat Runner,  Jose Miranda,  Tommy Marshall,  Katie Creech,
Gina Blunt Gonzales,  Max Blunt,  Erik Kloeker,  Jen Menunier,  Brian Clark,
Bev Wolf,  Catalyst Sports,  the Friends of Muir Valley


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